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“The World’s Inn Keeper”

InnAdmin help both the existing and the emerging hotel ascend our platform, which can allow them to match the flexibility and vigour of the large resourceful hospitality businesses. The services extend from making reservations, printing invoices and creating reports which make InnAdmin, industry level hotel management software. The software works in a synchronised manner so that a change made will be updated in all other necessary fields also.

Reservations Management: The centralized reservation exhibit availability of room, rates, guest profiles and other reservation tools enables you to manage every type of reservation scenario. This will enable you to accept reservations online, and the same will be saved in real-time.

Check In/Out: The software manages the period from the check in till the check out of the guest. The safe and secure online payment gateway will make it easy for the customer to clear the bills. It will also give alerts for housekeeping, late check-out fee, real-time inventory update and so on.

Housekeeping: The software remembers which guest has stayed in each of your hotel rooms that make it easy to know their preference in future. It provides option for adding notes about housekeeping as well.