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Case Stringer

"Systematic System of Law"

Technology has forged ahead with years and it has refashioned the way we live, the way we communicate, the way we learn and so many changes have been brought about by these technological developments. Therefore, we had designed innovative software specifically for law firms. Vyus Technologia’s technological skills facilitated designing ‘Vyus Case Stringer’ with the goal of handling legal issues. It can mainly be put to use by lawyers and win help keep track of case history and search decisive rulings. A comprehensive office management tool for legal professionals office is the need of the hours. A solution that helps the lawyers get rid of bulky filing cabinets and help manage documents more easily. A tool that saves money as he will not have to buy reams of paper. This led us to develop ‘Vyus Case Stringer’. ‘Vyus Case Stringer’ really acts as an office assistant to the lawyers, alerting him/ her about important dates or appointments when the reminder option is set. Vyus Case Stringer is a modern web application. The advantage of this web application is that it can be accessed from anywhere. ”Our motto is anywhere, any platform, any device”. Through this application, lawyers can also check related cases which have happened anywhere in the world through the search option.

Our Vyus Case Stringer across vertical of industry includes: