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Saju Lal , CEO

April 8

Vyus Case Stringer and its uniqueness in the Legal system

Posted by Saju on April 8th, 2016

In an age where everyone is tending to move towards a ‘paperless’ office, we were determined to find a software which would aid the cause. The first thing that came to our mind was the office of a lawyer. It is one place where we have lots of documents to be managed. Here, dates are important, details of persons, cases are important. Everything has to be managed in a systematic manner.Here, we thought of introducing a soft tool, the first of its kind in the world for advocates, which can reduce the use of paper.

A tool that helps the lawyers get rid of bulky filing cabinets and help manage documents more easily. A tool that saves money as he will not have to buy reams of paper. This led us to develop ‘Vyus Case Stringer’. ‘Vyus Case Stringer’ really acts as an office assistant to the lawyers, alerting him/ her about important dates or appointments when the reminder option is set.

The advantage of using the software is that whenever required, the lawyer can get the complete details of a case- the details of the client, case history, last date of appearance at the court, next date of appearance in court etc. The tool also has features to send e-mails or messages to clients alerting them to be prepared for the next appearance in courts. This saves valuable time for the lawyers as he will not have to spend long hours conversing to the client over phone. The tool is simple to manage and highly affordable.

A Unique Solution:

We have identified from several studies that documentation is a main trouble faced by advocates. They have to depend on assistants for timely updation of data which is time consuming. Many times, a lawyer will not be able to afford paying additional staff. Hence by using this software, they can update case details as attachments which is really easy and affordable.

A solution to Pending Cases: According to available data, around four million cases are pending in the High Court and around 65,000 cases are pending in the Supreme Court. We know ‘Justice delayed is Justice denied’. As advocates act as a connecting link between the citizens and the court, properly managing case details will do a great deal in timely settlement of cases.

Data on e-Platform: With e-governance initiative, courts have now started publishing data related to cases on internet, making data collection and analysis possible. Shri C P Gurnani, the CEO of Tech Mahindra had once said that with Information and Communication Technology, India's 300-year back log in cases can be reduced. We find our software as a step forward in this direction. Everytime when a layman approaches a lawyer, the first thing he will inquire is how long it will take to settle the case. When we have the details of a similar case, it will be easy to assess the situation. Here, this software ‘Vyus Case Stringer’ will be highly useful.

Challenges Faced by our Judiciary: We have to tackle i) corruption, ii) back log in pending cases, iii) lack of transparency in cases, iv) hardships faced by undertrials and v)lack of interaction with the society.

Role of our Software:

It will alert the lawyers and the clients about case hearings preventing delays in judgments to a great extent. The lawyers can also send case history and other links to clients as mail using our software.Through this software the founders of Vyus Technologia LLP is making a humble effort to settle on of the major issues of Indian society.

The main highlight of using the software is that we can manage a ‘paperless’ office.

Vyus Case Stringer is a modern web application. Current version has been booked by a consortium of 1,500 advocates, the first venture in Kerala. The advantage of this web application is that it can be accessed from anywhere.”Our motto is anywhere, any platform, any device”. Through this application, lawyers can also check related cases which have happened anywhere in the world through the search option.